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 Gerson Galante  (saxophone / clarinet / flute), is multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer and band leader from São Paulo, Brazil. 
Gerson began his musical studies when he was 6, and was playing professionally by age 11.  After receiving his formal musical training at the Escola Municipal de Música, he went on to perform with some of the most famous musicians in Brazil, including Ivan Lins, Wilson Simonal, Raul Seixas, Sá e Guarabyra, Cauby Peixoto and Pery Ribeiro.  Gerson has played with The Duke Ellington All Stars Big Band in the USA, as well as with a number of big bands in Brazil, including Banda Savana, Comboio Jazz, Banda Cacique, Speakin’ Jazz, Banda Urbana, Banda Jazzco, and the Zérró Santos Big Band Project. 
 Gerson's CD credits include his solo CD, 501 (1993), featuring guest artist Ivan Lins, as well as BemDito (1996) and Tributo a Pixinguinha (1997) with Itacir Bocato, Banda Brazuca (2001) with João Cristal, Novo Brasileiro (2006) with Bandazul, Maybe September (2001) and Uncle Charles (2007) with Soundscape Big Band, Na Base do Improviso (2015) with Amilson Godoy, and Jazz Sinfônica 25 Anos (2015) with Orquestra Jazz Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo.  He has just recorded a new disc with Band Urbana, featuring the music of Rafael Piccolotto, which has yet to be released. 
Gerson has played in the São Paulo-Montreaux Jazz Festival, various Broadway musicals in Brazil, such as Chicago, Miss Saigon, Sweet Sharity, and has toured extensively with ensembles throughout Brazil, Argentina, Uraguay, Venuzuela, Italy, Canada and The United States.  He is a current member of Orquestra Jazz Sinfônica and Orquestra Arte Viva in São Paulo, and his arrangements have been performed by Jazz Sinfônica, Speakin' Jazz Big Band, Big Beat Big Band, CompCord Big Band, Caldwell University Jazz Band, Newark Academy, NJIT Jazz Band, and the Nutley High School Jazz Ensemble.  When in New York, Gerson has played at such venues as Kitano, Via Brasil, The Cutting Room, Trumpets Jazz Club, Hat City Kitchen, Crossroads, Caldwell University, and Rockin' Joe's Café.  He also recorded an episode of "No Cover" on Montclair TV 34 with composer/vocalist Melanie Mitrano, with whom he co-founded InterXchange Ensemble.
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